``To Thine Own Self Be True``

Welcome to Nicoya Blue, Retreats for Conscious Living.

Our mission here at Nicoya Blue is to provide a blissful, spiritual and adventurous vacation getaway.

What ever your situation or your life’s path is to this point,  let us here at Nicoya Blue provide you with an opportunity to take a sacred journey filled with adventure and self healing.  Enhance the Divine Consciousness and break away from the limited and false beliefs you have come to accept and rediscover your authentic self.   We will offer you the  tools and skills needed to come to  know the joyful confident you.

Your relationships with family, friends, co workers and the world will benefit from the joyful and blissful you.

You will feel alive and empowered with humility and grace to accept what is and make changes needed for your survival on the road to enlightenment and your divine purpose.

You can expect your day to be filled with :

Adventure Activities – Horse back riding, zip lining, surfing, paddle boarding, quad tours & snorkeling.

Times of Conscious Reflection & Self Discovery –  Guided meditation, floating meditation, journal writing, yoga, massage and Spiritual Life Coaching sessions

Healthy Eating – Fresh organic smoothies & healthy organic meals.

Our mission by providing a combination of these elements will certainly promote a happier, more spiritual & joyful confident you.

Our retreats are held in the small towns on the Southern Tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. It is here on the Nicoya where healthy life style habits are utilized and the native people of the region live long and healthy lives. The Nicoya is one of the known Blue Zones. Blue Zone is a concept used to identify a demographic and/or geographic area of the world where people live measurably longer lives. Centenarians here and in other parts of the world credit their health and longevity to simple and conscious living. We guide our guests through adapting life style & habits that lends to self mastery, mindfulness, health, vitality and spiritual transformation.

Woman's Soul Quest Retreat

Our Woman’s Soul Quest Retreat encourages you, the ¨Heroine”, to overcome obstacles and to accept transition & challenges as natural occurrences. If you have had or experiencing a life changing event we can offer you the skills & tools that will help you embrace all that is and transform from the inside out.

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Mother-Daughter Retreat

Take this opportunity to spend and amazing week with your daughter and share in the laughter and joy that is cultivated when your daughter sees you zip-lining through the jungle or riding horse back… And as the mom you will get pleasure in seeing your daughter be still with meditation and sharing her thoughts.

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Couples Retreat for Conscious Living

Reconnect & enjoy with your loved one, and just as important  reconnect with yourself.  Through guided meditation & spiritual practices you will sure to strengthen your relationship and improve the vital and most often times lost communication.   Through our adventure activities you will enjoy interactive experiences together.
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Adventures and Spiritual Activities